Jim Andersen

Jim Andersen

Jim Andersen is the owner of Restoration Specialists, Inc. He holds 5 licenses, all of which he is the qualified employee for. He was raised in the construction industry. Jim spends his day overseeing all aspects of the company. Jim prides himself in having great employees working for him, which has helped him become the industry leader for repair and maintenance work.


Meet ouR TEAM

In 1994 Restoration Specialists Inc received our first license from the Nevada State Contractors Board. At the time we applied for and received a C-17 Lath and Plastering license. This began a partnership through the years that we have enjoyed greatly. Since that time we have applied for and obtained five additional contractors licenses that have allowed us to expand our services in this industry. As the years have passed we have abbreviated our company name to RSI Builders. Since the beginning of the company we have met with Contractors Board Representatives to guide us with their knowledge and resources to maintain our trusted position. As a result of our positive history with the Nevada State Contractors Board and a great desire to offer superior service to all who reside in the State of Nevada, we have maintained a history free from complaints. This has provided us with great friendships and trusted references recommending the services of our Company.

Ingrid Hummel

Director Of Operations

Ingrid Hummel has been in the construction industry for 10 years. She specializes in working with property managers, community managers, homeowners associations, and law firms. She is proficient in personal relations, communication skills, and multi-tasking to accomplish a common goal. Her motto for success is: "We can make anything happen together".

Adele Kimber


Director Of Operation Assistant

Albert Aguirre


Office Manager

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