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How to Prevent Mold | Mold Remediation

Molds are ubiquitous, and mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. In large amounts they can be a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

“Toxic mold” refers to molds which produce mycotoxins, such as Stachybotrys chartarumExposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and death..


Tips for cutting in paint

Here some tips and pointers to help you increase the speed and improve the accuracy of your cutting-in technique..

Concrete Crack

how to repair small concrete crack

If you have a concrete driveway, patio, walkway or any other concrete structure with minor surface cracks, one of the best ways to repair these cracks is to fill them in with concrete repair caulk..


Permanent Marker

A Trick to get permanent marker off

"Hand sanitizer will get any ink off the wall" Both pen and permanent marker will come right off with very little effort.

How to clean grease from Kitchen cabinets

"Baking soda and oil to clean the gunk off her kitchen cabinets"

Make rusty tools good as new

"Soak rusted items in vinegar for 3 hours", then scrub with a toothbrush. Dry immediately with paper towels!

Water Proofing
WVMH Club House remodel
Hot Tear-Off Bella Vita HOA
Drywall repair
Meridian HOA
Block Wall
Fence repair
Tile Repair
Stained Concrete
Balcony Deck Repair
Decorative Pilaster
Painted wrought Iron
Mailboxes Painted
Block Wall Repair
Pool Deck Repair
Drywall Repair
Mold Remediation
Stucco Repair
Spa Remodel
Block Wall Crack Repair
Call box painted
Graffiti Removal
Pool texture
Patio Covers
Block Wall Repair
Fence Repair
Sealed Concrete
HOA Painting Service
Dumpster enclosure

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