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The suggestions below are just a few of the possibilities you may want to include. To learn more, call us to schedule a free backyard consultation with a pool designer. Yes, at Restoration Specialists Inc. we do all this too!!

Add a SPA
Give yourself the gift of therapeutic backyard hydrotherapy. Choose from a wide variety of custom designs that fit your needs.

Upgrade Your Waterline Tile
Choose from a tremendous variety of colors, matte or gloss finishes and contemporary stone-looking ceramic tiles…..

Upgrade Your Pool’s Edge with Brick Coping
Choose from a tremendous variety of styles, colors, profiles and grout samples…..Give your Pool a “timeless” design with Brick Coping……


Add a Sun Shelf or Swim Out
Typically 6 inches below the waterline, a Sun Shelf is the perfect place for kids to play or Mom to lounge on a beach chair.

Add a Beach Entryway
Beach entryways capture the dramatic natural feel of entering your pool as if you were at the seashore. With a gradual drop to depth using a two-color blend of finishes, the “toe-in feel” is as close as you can get to a day at the beach….!


Add Swim-Up Seating
Seating areas are an important consideration for pools. In addition to the popular bench type seating, stools are also available. Stools are frequently used in conjunction with a swim-up bar to create the ultimate backyard resort.


Add a Natural Rock Waterfall
A natural rock waterfall is a dramatic and inviting centerpiece to any swimming pool. The relaxing sound of flowing water will make you want to vacation in your backyard everyday.


Add a Sculpted Rock Waterfall, Grotto & Slide
A sculpted rock waterfall grotto and slide combination is the perfect way to bring fun and a “wow” factor to any swimming pool.


Add a Stacked Stone Waterfall, Edge or Feature
Stacked stone is very popular and can be used in a variety of ways as a Waterfall, Grotto, Spill-Over Feature or as an edge detail.

Change Your Shape or Depth
If you can dream it, we can build it. From Custom Free Forms, to Geometrics to Architectural Pools….We design to fit your dream and budget. For example, many people are choosing depths of 3 feet on either end with 5 feet of depth in the middle – this is known as a “play pool”.

Add a Wok Pot or Unique Water Sculpture
Pre-cast wok pots are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Custom Castings are also available upon request to add your own “signature” to your Cool Water Pool….


Add a Spillway or Scupper
Add a raised area with spillways, pass- through or spouts known as “scuppers” that pour water into the pool. Scuppers are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.


Add Custom Lighting
Pools are beautiful at night. Options include remote-controlled, color changing L.E.D as well as fiber optic lighting.

Add Telescopic Fountains & Bubblers
These fountains retract flush into the swimming pool floor when not in use. Use in groupings of three or five for a dramatic effect.

Add Deck Jets
Flush mounted jets that stream water into your pool & create a classic look.

Add a Sheer Descent Waterfall
Sheer Descent Waterfalls add an element of serene beauty to any pool or spa whether they are raised 12 inches from your waterline or tumble down from a second story balcony…….


Add Mosaic Tile Inserts
Add a custom look to the floor or steps of your swimming pool with unique mosaic tiles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the very popular turtles and dolphins.

Add a Paver Deck with Brick Coping
Consider the living spaces you want around your pool and ask your pool designer to come up with the best layout and materials for your lifestyle. Paver Decks offer a timeless elegance with enduring quality and richness.


Custom Acrylic Decks or Stamped Concrete
Acrylic Decks come in a variety of colors and textures. Stamped Concrete Decks give you the look of expensive, natural materials such as flagstone or tile at a fraction of the cost.

Upgrade to Pebble Tec Interior Finishes
Pebble Tec brand pool finish is the original pebble finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. Choose from 18 magical colors offering naturally inspired beauty. See samples below…….

Upgrade to Pebble Sheen Interior Finishes
Pebble Sheen brand pool finish provides the natural beauty and durability of original Pebble Tec, along with a smoother, more sophisticated elegance. Choose from 16 colors offering timeless elegance and proven durability. See samples below…….

Upgrade to Pebble Fina or Millenium Interior Finishes
Pebble Fina brand pool finish or Millenium Finish both provide the classic look of Venetian Plaster combined with the durability of Pebble Tec. Choose from 5 exquisite colors offering old world beauty and durability with new world technology.
See samples below……

Upgraded Quartz Finishes
A quartz finish provides the classic look of venetian plaster combined with the durability of quartz, giving a rich “sparkling blue” reflection to your pools plaster finish. Add abalone chips to make your interior surface glisten in the sun light. Choose from over 10 exquisite colors.

Energy Efficient Pumps
Choose an energy efficient swimming pool pump, exclusively available through Cool Water Pools & Spas.

Add an Electronic Purification System (SALT System)
Fully automatic salt water chlorination system produces chlorine by converting salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine. Salt systems produce water that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes, skin, and hair. You can forget about hauling and measuring chlorine ever again!

Add a Heat-Pro Heat Pump or Natural Gas Heater
Swim year round with a Hayward Heat-Pro Heat Pump or H-Series Heater!

Add Electronic Automation & Controls
Manage all of your pool & spa functions, as well as other backyard features, effortlessly with the touch of a button. Goldline Control Equipment is the first “Total Pool Management” line in the industry to offer integrated water chemistry automation, a direct tie-in to home automation, salt chlorination and control of up to 16 devices. Control your pool from a variety of optional remote controllers – indoors, poolside or in the water itself with our waterproof Aqua Pod….

Go Green with a “Solar Heating Package”
Why not use the Las Vegas Sun itself to Heat your Pool? By taking advantage of your daily filter cycle, solar heating panels provide a huge savings over the life of your pool. Meet with our solar design expert to configure a system which best suits your design, pool orientation and turnover rate!

Add an In-Floor Cleaning System
Add an automatic cleaning system and spend more time enjoying your pool.

Upgrade your Filter
Upgrade to a high capacity Pro-Series DE Filter to minimize maintenance and reduce backwashing. These filters require cleaning about once per season.


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