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There is nothing worse than a house fire. Not only are your house and belongings damaged but also there is often a risk to you and your family. Even after the fire has been dealt with, there is the aftermath of the fire to deal with. Common problems include smoke, soot and cleaning up the water and the chemicals that were used by firefighters. The damage to your house shows on your burnt and blackened walls and ceiling.

In order to deal with the problems that occur after the fire has been put out, you need to know about two things – soot and odor from smoke. The following points could be quite helpful:

Soot and Charring

Soot is the residue left by burnt things after a fire. It contains a lot of carbon-based impurities and is mainly caused when the material doesn’t burn completely. The texture of soot is oil based because there are plastic things in every home and burning them leads to oily molecules getting released in the air.

Soot can wreak havoc when it enters a person’s respiratory system and thus, it is a serious health hazard. When soot particles enter the alveoli, they get released into the blood stream and through that, the impurities reach various parts of the body. If the impurities get accumulated, the person’s health could suffer.

However, the worst possible effect of soot is its tendency to cause cancer and cause serious defects in the birth of a newborn. Soot produces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in its gaseous state. These hydrocarbons are responsible for gene mutation for particular groups of genes, and they can cause birth defects in the child and also increase the chances of getting cancer.
After the fire, many things would be destroyed and replacement would be necessary. However, you can only find out about what to replace after you have cleaned everything up. It might seem like a tiresome task but it should be dealt as quickly as possible as procrastinating it would make matter worse. To deal with the damage caused, here are some DIY tips.

You will need the following items:

  • TSP or Trisodium Phosphate cleaner (1 tbsp.)
  • Rubber gloves for cleaning
  • A Large sponge or the sponge used while washing your car. A lot of cleaning needs to be done, and the sponge should be large enough to soak up a lot of water in one go
  • 2 large buckets
  • Warm water
  • Goggles and a mask to protect eyes and face
  • Rags to clean
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