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An outdoor gazebo is an easy and stylish way to add outdoor living space and value to your home. Unfortunately, many home owners overlook the valuable outdoor asset due to the stereotypical image of the backyard gazebo from yesteryear at their grandparent’s home and their desire to have a more modern and updated look for their landscape.

The traditional octagon-shaped structure at the end of garden path or beside a landscaped pond can still be built and enjoyed, but there are many other gazebo ideas to choose from and one of them will fit perfectly into your landscape. The easy to build structures that provide outdoor shade don’t even have to be built in the landscape, they can be incorporated into the design of a patio or deck.

If you’re considering adding a gazebo to your outdoor living space, look at these 14 DIY ideas that will inspire you and provide you with the instructions on how to build a gazebo.

RSI Builders Garden-Gazebo1- Garden Gazebo

Placed just a few steps from the back entrance of your home, this tradition-styled garden gazebo is surrounded by fragrant flowers and given partial seclusion by hanging baskets and shrubs. A quiet, mini retreat right in the middle of the garden. Since it sits so close to the home, it’s easy to wire it with electric lights and stereo speakers for after-dark relaxation.

RSI Builders Rectangular-Gazebo-Plans2- Rectangular Gazebo Plans

Step by step instructions for building this rectangular gazebo can be downloaded from your computer in just a few minutes. Large enough to host birthday parties and other family get-togethers, yet small enough to be a DIY project that can be completed in a weekend or two.

RSI Builders Wooden-Gazebo-Plans13- Wooden Gazebo Plans

Step by step written building plans as well as step by step photos of this wooden gazebo building project make it an easy DIY build. This outdoor structure will increase your property value, provide shaded outdoor living space and make your landscape more eye-appealing.

RSI Builders kit-gazebo4- Kit Design

If starting from scratch is a little intimidating or costly, build a cheap gazebo from a kit. Everything you need is already pre-cut and included in the kit. The quality is there and a kit gazebo will last as long as one you design and purchase separate materials for, but the overall price of a kit will be cheaper in most cases.

RSI Builders gazebo-design5- Google Sketch up

Get a gazebo design in your head, then click on Google Sketch-up and move the design from your imagination into virtual reality. From there paper plans can be made and you’ll be ready to purchase material and begin the building process.

RSI Builders Octagon-Gazebo-1024x5856- Octagon Gazebo

Traditional, classic style of the octagon gazebo will enhance your backyard and provide you with a shaded and breezy outdoor location for dining, napping or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors.

RSI Builders Backyard-Sanctuary-gazebo7- Backyard Sanctuary

Need a large space that can be backyard sanctuary that will meet the needs of just one or two looking for a place to get away from it all in addition to providing a large covered space for weddings and other family events? This large and stylish gazebo will meet the need.

RSI Builders Free-Gazebo-Plans-761x10248- Free Gazebo Plans

Free building plans for the downloading, this wooden gazebo is perfect for as a stand-alone structure, or would be great for creating a patio gazebo or deck gazebo.


RSI Builders Octagon-gazebo-Plans9- Octagon Plans

These DIY building plans will provide you with a cost effective 8-foot octagon gazebo that will enhance the beauty of any size backyard.

RSI Builders Screened-Kit-Design-gazebo10- Screened Kit Design

No bugs, but plenty of shade and cool breezes are inside this screened gazebo built from a kit. Use this kit to erect a screened gazebo in non-traditional locations.

RSI Builders Redwood-Gazebo-Plans11- Redwood Gazebo Plans

Long-lasting and easy to work with, redwood is an excellent choice of wood for building a wooden gazebo.

RSI Builders small-gazebo-retreat12- Small Retreat

Use these DIY building plans to create a small gazebo retreat in the middle of your backyard. Perfect size for enjoying morning coffee or a relaxing glass of wine in the evening with that special someone in your life.

RSI Builders DIY-plans-for-a-large-gazebo-oasis13- Large Oasis

When it’s time to go big or go home, these DIY plans for a large gazebo oasis will be a good choice. Plenty of room for potted plants, tables and seating, this wooden gazebo is built up high enough so you can enjoy the view of your landscape from every angle.

RSI Builders rectangular-gazebo14- Sloped Roof

Easy to build rectangular gazebo has a non-traditional sloped roof that is easy to build and cost effective. When a simple outdoor structure is all that’s needed for a place to hang out and get out of the sun, give this DIY design a try.

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