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Water Damage Restoration,
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Water Damage Restoration Service

RSI Companies presents RSI QUICK DRY, a Las Vegas water damage restoration, cleanup and repair service. RSI combines 28 years of experience along with investment in the latest technologies for water damage restoration that will minimize your permanent losses. We use the most up-to-date procedures to cleanup and dry out your affected area. In many cases we are able to save or repair floors, cabinets and walls. Choosing RSI QUICK DRY can ultimately save you money!

Please visit our Water Damage Knowledge Center for extensive information about the questions you may have.

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Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Cleanup - Carpet Drying

Carpet Drying

Fresh Water

Even desert residents of Las Vegas can experience water damage.  Burst or backed up pipes will ruin your day. We completely remove all fresh water and treat your carpets to prevent permanent water damage.

Water Damage Repair - Rain Water

Carpet Drying

Rain Water

In the event of heavy rains or floods, Las Vegas homeowners can count on us for water damage cleanup. RSI will cleanup and treat your carpet to get rid or contaminents from rain water and restore their quality.

Sewage Cleanup Las Vegas



Sewage in the building needs to be acted upon ASAP! RSI will come and disinfect, removing dangerous bacteria. We remove affected carpets and pads and then deeply clean and dry all areas.

Wall Drying of Water Damage



Water damage can occur in Vegas in your walls. Immediate service is needed to prevent structural damage, mold and mildew. We can dry the walls with our technology and save you from having to remove and replace them!

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor Drying



Water damage restoration for hardwood floors can be worth so much money and save you frustration. RSI will use procedures to remove all water to prevent warping, rot or buckling of your valuable flooring.

Water Damaged Cabinet Drying



A broken pipe can cause moisture to penetrate your cabinets. New kitchen cabinets are much more expensive than calling RSI to dry them out. We will prevent permanent water damage using dedicated dryers and specialized techniques to get the water out.

Get water damage restoration, cleanup and repair. Get it done the right way and quickly.

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